Anti-Caturday: Polly Want a Cracker

Parrot by JTrend (
Parrot by JTrend (

Parrots consist of nearly 400 known species in 86 genara. They are among the most intelligent birds and they are most known for their ability to mimic human speech. They have spread naturally pretty much everywhere beneath the Equator (not including Antarctis of course). Their most noticeable feature is their huge beak.

Allow me bring you back to the topic that makes me geek out about parrots; their intelligence. Some parrots have a brain-to-body size ratio that is comparable to that of higher primates. The African Grey Parrot can actually understand the meanings of words and form simple sentences on its own. The Kea parrot is especially adept at using tools and solving puzzles but all parrots are better than average birds at both.

Also; they’re very pretty.

Parrot by Danny Chapman (
Parrot by Danny Chapman (

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