Tap, tap, tap.

A little boy wakes up in the darkness of his room. He tugs the covers further up, over his head and stares at the window covered by curtains. The cavorting clowns and small animals seem somehow sinister in the mixed light from the full moon and the street light below. They were leering instead of laughing and the fingers seemed look more like claws.

Tap, tap, tap.

The shadows caused by the tree outside sway back and forth. Some of the branches seem to be moving independently of the others, drawing ever closer to the little boy’s window. The little boy stares at them frozen by fear. He is too scared to move lest the monster outside see him and attack.

Tap, tap, tap.

The little boy lying there in the dark knows he’s only got until he falls asleep. The monster won’t come until he’s helpless or until he tries to escape. But escape he must or the monster will devour him. Sleep is starting to overcome him, however much he tries to resist. As his eyes droop and he falls asleep, the last thing he hears is tap, tap, tap.


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