Running late

I’m totally running late today because I got stuck playing Gears of War (Yes, the first one. We’re doing a replay before the third one is released) instead of doing writerly type stuff. So instead of a real post, today I will share with you some ad-hoc poetry about games.


Darkness falls and the
Locusts attack
Watch out for the kryll


World that is draped in darkness
(but with atmospheric lighting)
I handle my gun like Elliot Ness
There’s no point in melee fighting
Remove the head or destroy the brain
Look out you don’t cross the Mouth
You know that’s gonna leave a stain
Ain’t no point migrating to the south.
To the alarm they swarm
Make sure to bring a friend
To the teeth yourself arm
To glory you’ll both ascend
And if by some chance you do survive
You’ll start again by the count of five.


Tall and proud
Strong an silent
I am the Arbiter.

See this is what happens when there’s little to no time for revisioning.


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