Top 5 reasons to be in Helsinki when the inevitable Zombie apocalypse comes

I love Helsinki if that hasn’t become apparent to everyone reading yet. I’m sketching out a book situated in Helsinki in the middle of a zombie apocalypse which lead me to think about why Helsinki would be perfect to weather out a Zombie Apocalypse in.

Helsinki 007

5. Bomb shelters galore

Tech Crunch published an article around mid-January where Monty Munford noted off-hand that Finland has loads of bomb shelters; it’s the law. And what’s more those bomb shelters are loaded with necessary goodies for the zombie apocalypse(although it’s possible that the law-makers were considering more along the lines of nuclear war); we’ve got at least one axe, a ham radio, medical supplies, dried goods, water and since the bomb shelters are usually used for storage in non-apocalyptic situations, assorted stuff people store there which can be used to build barricades so that the shamblors don’t get through the door.

4. Small country with loads of coastline

There are about 5,6 million people in the whole of Finland, with roughly 590 000 of them living in Helsinki. Helsinki is also on the coast with several bigger islands around, where one could escape, should the mainland become too infested.

3. Military base

There is a military base in Santahamina which is an island barely off the coastline (here, see for yourself). There is another military base some 30 kilometers away, should the one in Santahamina prove inadequate. The military can of course come in handy and their proximity means that they will reach you well in time for dinner and a show.

2. Proximity to nature

Sipoo lies just beyond the borders of Helsinki and it is all farms and other rural stuff, which means that the large predators like wolves and bears aren’t that far away. As soon as the dead start rising, the predators won’t be far behind. Although they are normally scared of humans, the defenselessness of the shamblors coupled with the sweet, sweet scent of decaying flesh will be irresistible to the average scavenger and lead to well-fed bears and less zombies for the survivors to worry about.

1. All the comforts of a good-sized city

When it comes time to loot or die, Helsinki’s got it all from designer shoes to weaponry to food and medical supplies. And yet with barely over half a million people, spread out over some 200 km² there aren’t enough people to create truly apocalyptic zombie hordes and, for good measure; almost everything is easy to reach even by walking. Happy shopping, survivors!

Remember Helsinki, for all your zombie apocalypse needs.


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